Devru Construction has completed many projects over the years. Below are some of our Projects that we currently working on or completed.

Flagship Project

Emergency Repairs To Umhlanga Promenade

Following heavy seas where the Umhlanga Promenade suffered extensive damage, Devru Construction was involved with the construction of sea walls and the promenade from Bronze Beach to Black Rock. The sea walls were constructed in extremely difficult conditions using waterloffels to an average height of 5m. Approximately 13 000m³ of beach sand was used to backfill the walls following which we rebuilt the promenade.






Ipahla Road Reinstatement Of An Embankment

This project involved importing 88 000m³ of fill material that was benched, compacted and retained using green terramesh. The stormwater system was upgraded using HDPE and concrete pipes. Nearby Oceanview Road was upgraded with a new blacktop surface.








Park Rynie Beachfront Rehabilitation Project

After receiving government funding to repair extensive damage caused by major storms in 2007, the Umdoni Municipality appointed Devru Construction to carry out all the repairs to affected areas.
1) Asphalting of the existing gravel beach road
2) Repairs and architectural modification to six existing ablutions of which two were major changes
3) Construction of sand bag reinforcing to hinder any potential wave or tidal action
4) Construction of a concrete retaining wall to protect the shop from further damage
5) Alterations to an existing shop damaged by tidal flooding
6) Renovations to the lifeguard tower
7) Repairs to all storm water drainage
8) Re-surfacing and repairs to an existing car park
7) Concrete palisade fencing of the entire camping site









Umlazi Culvert Upgrade
As a result of heavy rains at Umlazi, just south of Durban, the community was in continuous danger of the Fongozi River flooding homes and damaging existing infrastructure. The Municipality tasked various consultancies to design new culverts and protection works for Fongozi River to accommodate and alleviate this threat. Devru Construction was appointed as one of the contractors’s to carry out the work on Veni Yeni and Zimbali Roads.
This work included the following:
1) Demolition of existing brick culverts
2) Widening of the river to ten meters with gabion basket protection on the river banks
3) New storm water drainage
4) Approximately 250m of sewer reticulation upgrade using 400mm Upvc pipe
5) Construction of a single cell concrete culvert and a double cell concrete culvert
6) Upgrading of the existing road to accommodate the new wider, deeper culverts









Blackburn Pedestrian Bridge

This project involves the construction of a pedestrian bridge, construction of bus lay byes and a pedestrian footpath approximately 3kms to the Umhlanga C.B.D.